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Are you ready to hear every cliche’ under the sun? It’s hard for me to explain why I love what we do without sounding like some soap opera TV show you can watch around 11am every morning. But I mean it. I simply love people. I am so grateful for all the people I meet and who share their story with me.

After working in the photography industry for over 10 years I decided it was time to go on my own adventure. It has always been a deep seeded goal of mine to one day have a studio of my own, but not just any studio a place that just felt like home to anyone and everyone that set foot through those doors. Going through a few years of personal struggles after losing a friend and a family member It really lit a fire in my belly to get started in what I think has always been my purpose. I realised how important those memories and photos are of my loved ones, more so, I wanted to create something for families that I knew would become something overtime and one of there most cherished and precious items.

So Good Life Portraits was created! A space where clients can come and create, and celebrate their life as they wish to see it. We are also selfish in a way because we live vicariously through our client’s experiences. Having heard their stories their struggles their success, we get to understand our selves better.

Good Life Portraits



How did I know I wanted to be a photographer? Easy. The look and emotion that people show when looking back at old photos and the memories that they bring up.

I’ve always been creative but I’m not the type who can draw or paint what they see. Photography allows me to show a persons real character and create something personal and unique for everyone.

Today I still have a lot to learn, but I embrace and work through every challenge that comes my way. It allows me to grow and expand my passion and career in photography.



I have been doing marketing for a year or so now and I am currently completing my psychology degree and business-marketing degree. A few of the things I work on at Good Life Portraits include events, so organising market stalls and getting us involved in all the exciting things happening in Perth. I also manage our social media presence – basically I get to make fun videos and show off all the incredible art the photographers create (makes my job very easy)!

One of the things I appreciate about Good life is the mentality behind why we do what we do. Ben and the team work very hard to make sure each and every person that talks to us over the phone or visits us in person is valued and they come away form their experience with us super happy and often surprised by just how connected they are to the photos they took.

Good Life Portraits



The reason I love this job is simple. I’m in love with the arts. I’ve always been a very artsy person and focused mainly on my music career and animation. I’ve studied/studying jazz, music theory, film, art and animation. So photography was going to come into my life at one point.

As a retoucher at Good Life Portraits, I get to see all the photos from family’s and different cultures of people that come in for photos. The end result always captures and tells their stories perfectly, thanks to our amazingly talented team. But the best photos are the family’s that bring their dogs, I can’t get enough of the dog photos.

Good Life Portraits has shown me the real value of photography and what a gift it is.